Financial Freedom

Financial Freedom is the Second Pillar of Living Switched On

There are many ways to achieve financial freedom. You have to choose one in line with your personality. Ideally, you have a systematic and resilient approach to making, keeping, and growing money to be financially free.

Making money online lends itself perfectly as a foundation ingredient of such a wealth system. Because making money online adds the dimensions of location and time independence.

Being wealthy is, just like money itself, not an end but a means. Being rich does not mean you are out of the game of life. It just means you have set yourself up to focus in on human growth. As Jean-Paul Sartre once said, the essence of reality is scarcity. You will always live under a shortage of time in your life. But you can make more use of your time when you have money. That is why freedom from financial constraints is essential. Not because of the shiny things you can flash around when you have money.


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